Monday, September 29, 2008

Profits, Bottom-Lines, and Business Owners

Can you increase sales 10%, keep expenses constant and still see a 61% increase in profits? Yes, if you use the ActionCOACH approach to increasing your bottom line! At ActionCOACH, it is called the "Five Ways," a process that multiplies results to boost your profits.

In this issue, you will also learn low cost ways to build profit by following tips and ideas that will improve your sales conversion rates, increase your number of transactions and average sale.

Finally, learn complete money mastery and how to run your business profitably without putting in extra long hours – so you can truly enjoy the freedom that results from being a business owner.

Services Offered by ActionCOACH

BusinessRICH-- This two day workshop will help you take your business to the next lieve.
ServiceRICH -- Creating the raving fans that your business deserves.
PhoneRICH-- Turn your phone into a cash machine, PhoneRICH will teach you how.
ProfitCLUB-- Learn how to network and create profits for your company.

Five Ways, The ActionCOACH Way
by Keith Roberts
It's not change that we resist - it's the losses! So what are you afraid of losing? A look at a key question that can help accommodate your acceptance of one of life's constants. Read More
Why Proper Team Training Requires Your Focus
by Mark Raciappa The secret to a winning team is excellent training. Read on to find out why. Also, take a sneak peek into Brad Sugars' book Instant Team Building.
The Four Stages of Learning
by Mark Carn
Psychologists understand that people move through four psychological stages in the process of developing competence in a skill. What are they? Discover them and incorporate new knowledge into your team-building strategy.Read More

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