Monday, October 6, 2008

Creating Opportunity in Economic Downturn

Tips for Business Survival in a Turbulent Marketplace

by Barb Kyes
Is all that Wall Street chatter and market noise creating negativity in your small business operation? Here are tips that will help your business through these turbulent times. ActionCOACH Barb Kyes has a formula for success during the downturn.
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Overcome Self Limiting Fear - Take The First Step

by Robert Garibay
Have you ever been overcome with self limiting fear? Or even hindered by fear of failure? Don't rush by this next question. Pause and give this some concerted thought. What would you attempt if you knew that you could not fail, despite this economy.
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How to Make your Small Business Big Profits

by Ian Christelow
Too often people start a business and do what everyone else is doing. Then they compete on price. Learn how to distinguish yourself from your competition so you aren't competing on price and raise your bottom line.
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1 comment:

BMBSteve said...

Barb, a very sound article on the basis for business survival--a good business plan.

A well thought out, common sense plan will save many a business that is doomed for lack of a plan.

How do you get that across?

Steve Coleman