Tuesday, August 5, 2008

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Are you an entrepreneur looking to accelerate your business growth? Learn more about how to effectively run your company and increase your revenue by reading one of our business library articles, written by one of our Business Coaches.

In the business world, as the mercury rises, new challenges emerge. With summer now in full-swing, many people are on vacation. Find out how this impacts prospecting during this season and learn practical tips on successfully overcoming such roadblocks when prospecting during these hot summer months. If you are planning on taking your well-earned vacation time, are you really looking forward to it? Or, can you not stop thinking of how things will go back at the office during your absence? Learn the importance of having a commercially profitable enterprise that works without you.

Finally, can you imagine playing a sport without keeping score? How would you measure your performance? Business is the same way. Imagine running a business without keeping track of income and expenses, or profit and losses. How would you know whether you’re making or losing money? Learn how to “keep score” in business!

Are You Really Pumped About Your Summer Vacation?
by Sandy Kemp
Are you expecting that well-earned vacation time to be relaxing, exhilarating, a great recharge for your batteries? Or are you more than a little concerned about how things will go when you are away? Read More
Growing Your Business By Setting Quotas
by Neil Woodall What are your goals? What are your objectives? Where do you want to take your business during the next year? These are questions I ask all prospective clients. The responses are often fascinating. Read More
Prospecting this Summer?
by Josette Goldberg
Life and work continue, even in the summer! The question is: How will you prospect during a season that is punctuated by holidays, vacations and extended time off for your prospective customers? Read More

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