Friday, August 15, 2008

Turn a slow economy into opportunity!

Are you getting tired of hearing about today’s “tough” economy? Discover some great tools to turn the “slow” economy into a great opportunity for your business – because more money is made for strong companies in a slowdown than is made during a boom.

Next, how do you turn your customers into raving fans? Provide the best products, service and customer experience you can so your raving fans will gladly do the sales for you! Find out the keys to creating raving fans for a more profitable bottom-line.

Finally, evaluate your business regularly and examine your business vital signs so you can better benchmark your progress.

Remember, even your doctor is lost without metrics. Don’t get lost in your own business. Discover how to get your company healthier with good metrics, and measure them often.

This Weeks Featured Business Coach Expert Articles:

Can You Go It Alone In This Slow Economy?
by Iain Macfarlane
The first step in dealing with difficult issues is to realize that they do exist and that they impact your business. Denial will lead to more problems for your business unless you are willing to take action and embrace change to do things differently. Read More
How Are Your Business Vital Signs?
by ActionCOACH Corporate Are you lost in your business? Find the metrics of your business, measure them at regular intervals, and then test new strategies. The key to keeping your business healthy and on track is constant testing and measuring. Read More
Turn Your Customers Into Raving Fans
by David Guest
Raving fans are customers who are so "over the moon" with your business that they not only tell other people about it, they actually bring them to you and help you sell things to them. Focus on getting more of these to sail through the slow economy. Read More

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